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It may be taken at first for almost any fever, particularly typhoid, or for venereal disease or lymphangitis. If a white person suffers in the hot months from any disease causing fever, e.g. Fever in a sentence 1. On the 8th of December 1864, in the full vigour of his intellectual powers, he died of an attack of fever, ending in suffusion on the lungs. While on another journey in South Arabia (1896-1897), Bent was seized with malarial fever, and died in London on the 5th of May 1897, a few days after his return. They did not know for some time after my recovery that the cruel fever had taken my sight and hearing; taken all the light and music and gladness out of my little life. I believed her young, ardent, reckless, disillusioned, under sentence, feverish, avid of pleasure. Most notable of all, yellow fever was eradicated where it had been endemic for centuries. For some of these, as redwater (pyrosoma), antidotes are already found; for others, as for Texas fever - of which the parasite is unknown, but the mode of its transmission, by the mosquito, discovered (Finlay-Reed) - preventive measures are reducing the prevalence. The principal structures include the burgh and county buildings, town hall, the Dollar free library and Camelon fever hospital. One of our small gunboats had gone up the Calabar river, and while there the surgeon died of coast fever. The public buildings include the Burgh Hall, the academy (with a graceful steeple), the county buildings, the Denny Memorial, a Literary and a Mechanics' institute, Masonic hall, two cottage hospitals, a fever hospital, a public library and the combination poorhouse. Have a nice weekend. Less than three weeks afterwards he died of fever, on the 13th of January 86. Harvey Weinstein has a fever and is being “closely monitored” at the Wende Correctional Facility in New York, spokespersons for Weinstein told TheWrap on Tuesday. I've got a black and blue mark on my ribs from his version of Saturday night fever. Today she was absent, home nursing child number five, down with a spring fever, or just plain Spring Fever. concluded that cows with milk, Vitamin D has a more direct role in prevention of milk, A few years ago there was a fad for using anionic salts in the cows' dry period to prevent milk, Mosquitoes, poisonous snakes and tropical diseases such as yellow, These mosquitoes transmit yellow fever virus and dengue virus, which can cause dengue hemorrhagic, On the return trip, Mary caught a chill and the subsequent, In World War II, there was a high incidence of leishmaniasis and sandfly, Immunologic diseases such as Reiter's syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis and rheumatic. Health experts have known about dengue fever for more than 200 years. However, you do still need the article. The hospital laboratory can diagnose glandular fever by testing a blood sample from a patient. The state of the pulse is the best criterion of the action of alcohol in any given case of fever. He had a serious love affair about this time, which was broken off on the very eve of marriage by his catching a tertian fever which defied all attempts at cure for some two years. A patient with remittent may get well in a week under treatment, but the fever may go on for several weeks; the return to health is often announced by the fever assuming the intermittent type, or, in other words, by the remissions touching the level of absolute apyrexia. It was her fever dream without the heaviness of illness to blur it. The workhouse was greatly overcrowded, food was short, sanitation was poor, and diseases such as typhus fever and dysentery were widespread. It helped wake her up without completely lifting the fog of a fever that had been present since yesterday. Yellow fever (which first appeared in Cuba in 1647) was long the only epidemic disease, Havana being an endemic focus. The periodicity shows itself in the form of an exacerbation of the still continuing fever, and that exacerbation may take place twentyfour hours after the first onset, or the interval may be only half that period, or it may be double. at 1 i o'clock at night Partridge the almanac maker should infallibly die of a raging fever. However, perhaps you are having the single worst fever of your lifetime, then you may say "I have the (worst) fever of my life right now." He died soon after, probably of fever, and his body was buried under the river-bed of the Busento, the stream being temporarily turned aside from its course while the grave was dug wherein the Gothic chief and some of his most precious spoils were interred. The Prince is believed to have died of typhoid fever. This was tried largely in the case of smallpox, and once at least by Dr Erasmus Darwin in the case of scarlet fever. 7. In order to justify his newly-won laurels, Luynes undertook an expedition against the Protestants, but died of a fever in the midst of the campaign, at Longueville in Guienne, on the 15th of December 1621. Among the most devoted in her exertions was Fichte's wife, who, in January 1814, was attacked with a virulent hospital fever. He was seized with an intermittent fever, and died at Milan on the 4th of November 1584. above the level of the river, Poti is extremely unhealthy, fever and ague prevailing in summer and autumn. That sounds like her fever finally broke. generalized symptoms such as fever and discomfort. These include plague, cholera, diphtheria, yellow fever, dengue and TB. Evans had rheumatic fever, missed school and fell behind. The climate is now less healthy than it was, severe epidemics of malarial fever having frequently occurred, so that malaria now appears to be endemic among the non-European population. Synonyms: ague, high temperature, feverishness, pyrexia [medicine] More Synonyms of fever. Although blood in the stool suggests invasive disease, The college lecturer had insisted that he had had a genuine cough caused by a combination of hay, Have you ever been diagnosed with an allergic condition such as hay, This serious but rare condition may develop in children who are given aspirin when they have a, Atopic eczema is the most common type of eczema and is linked with hay, People who breathe in the fine pollen may have an asthma or hay, Low backache and lower abdomen pain are common complaints and, They'll be conserving their resources for the last weeks, too, once grand final, In January the CDC reported two fatal cases of rat-bite, Uncharacteristically, perhaps because the bellyache and the, Within a month a new, savagely virulent haemorrhagic, You might have one of them weird Jungle diseases like Lassa, But he said he did not think he had Lassa, A viral etiology is strongly suggested by the absence of, The first campaign of the newly reorganized Department of Health was directed toward lowering the city's typhoid, Speculation about an imminent revaluation of China's renminbi against the dollar reached a, The herb's anti-inflammatory aspirin-like chemicals mean it can also reduce, After 3 to 7 days, testicular pain and swelling subside, usually at about the same time that the, At the end of the third sennight since the sickness had started, Raul's, The bacteria causes both the mild Pontiac, He may have painted Madonnas beautifully but his first biographer Vasari suggested his death was not due to, The algorithm used by the strategy may result in overclassification of, After finally recovering from that, he went down with glandular, No rationale exists for selecting nimesulide as the first drug of choice for, The illness results in recurrent attacks of chills and, An existing, attenuated vaccine against yellow, This will help prevent complications such as rheumatic, My first two days in the hospital are a blur, but on the third my. Among charitable institutions are the Royal Alexandra Infirmary, the Victoria Eye Infirmary (presented by Provost Mackenzie in 1899), the burgh asylum at Riccartsbar, the Abbey Poorhouse (including hospital and lunatic wards), the fever hospital and reception house, the Infectious Diseases Hospital and the Gleniffer Home for Incurables. His attorneys have tried to get his sentence reduced due to his pour health. 2. Example sentences with the word fewer. pollen grains from a variety of common plants can cause hay fever. This number is likely to be rather too low than too high, since of the 6432 deaths from spotted fever many were probably really from plague, though not declared so to avoid painful restrictions. A while ago she woke up coughing and crying, and her fever was up. Some serovars of S. enterica such as S. typhi cause systemic infections and typhoid fever, whereas others such as S. typhimurium cause gastroenteritis. The most important of these are the following: Dermacentor reticulatus, a species widely distributed in Europe, Asia and America, infects dogs in Europe with the Haematozoon causing the disease known as "biliary fever," and has been asserted to be answerable for the so-called spotted or tick fever in man in the Rocky Mountains. Ask them to repeat a sentence. MediaGuardian.co.uk | Media | Sudoku fever grips UK newspaper readers Guardian Unlimited Web. Formerly used in every fever, and even in the septic states that constantly followed surgical operations in the pre-Listerian epoch, aconite is now employed only in the earliest stage of the less serious fevers, such as acute tonsilitis, bronchitis and, notably, laryngitis. I must now change my answer to "I've never heard it," and "It's much less common (at least during my lifetime it has ben)." In 1935, a vaccine for yellow fever was created. The paroxysm is followed by a definite interval in which there is not only no fever, but even a fair degree of bodily comfort and fitness; this is the intermission of the fever. A 2% solution used as a spray has been used with marked effect in hay fever and in whooping-cough. Google books "had fever" vs. "had a fever" Call 911 right away. But the delirium which is common in fever, although it may be partly due to rise of temperature, is very often due to poisons in the blood, for in some cases it occurs with quite a low temperature, 101° or 102°, whereas in others the temperature rises to zoo° and 105° with no delirium whatever. He died on the 26th of July 17 26 of a lingering fever. 2 The average number of deaths from yellow fever annually from 1885 (when reliable registration began) to 1898 was 455; maximum 1282 in 1896 (supposed average for 4 years, 1856-1859, being 1489.8 and for 7 years, 18 7318 79, 1395.1), minimum 136, in 1898; average deaths of military, 1885-1898, 2784 (in 1896-1897 constituting 1966 out of a total of 2140); deaths of American soldiers, 1899-1900, 18 out of 431. pulmonary anthrax starts like the ' flu ' with fever, muscle aches and cough. In the hospitals, death was so certain that soldiers suffering from fever, or the swelling that came from bad food, preferred to remain on duty, and hardly able to drag their legs went to the front rather than to the hospitals. Besides these there is a fever hospital, erected by Lord John George Beresford; a college, which Primate Robinson was anxious to raise to the rank of a university; a public library founded by him, an observatory, which has become famous from the efficiency of its astronomers; a number of churches and schools, and barracks. The news of the affair of Sinope, rather wanton slaughter than a battle, Crimean raised excitement in England to fever heat; while War. A garrison of imperial troops was maintained until 1871, when the troops were withdrawn after many deaths from fever and dysentery had occurred among them. Externally it is antiparasitic, and is used in certain stages of eczema and psoriasis, and the alcoholic solution has been used in ringworm; internally it has been employed as an intestinal antiseptic in typhoid fever. There was a disastrous fire in 1829, an epidemic of yellow fever in 1839, and a flood in 1840, but the growth of the city was not seriously checked; the cotton receipts of 1846 were 212,019 bales, and in 1847 a cotton factory was built. Only a small percentage of people with hay fever develop pollen asthma as well. A great improvement is already apparent; and a law carried in 1903 for the Bonifica dell' Agro Romano compels the proprietors within a radius of some 6 m. On landing (October 2) at Cape Coast, Wolseley found the Ashanti, who had been decimated by smallpox and fever, preparing to return home. See authoritative translations of Have a fever in Spanish with example sentences and audio pronunciations. The annual deathrate per 1000 was 54 per 1000 for the Federal District in 1901, 50 ill 1902, 48 in 1903, 46 in 1904, and 56 in 1905; the increase for the last-mentioned year being due to an epidemic of typhus fever. Other institutions include the Woolwich polytechnic and the Brook fever hospital, Shooter's Hill. ), 1630, in the fifty-ninth year of his age. The diseases to which the act applies are smallpox, cholera, membranous croup, erysipelas, scarlatina or scarlet fever, typhus, typhoid, enteric, relapsing, continued or puerperal fever, and any other infectious disease to which the act has been applied by the local authority of the district in the prescribed manner. I developed ME after contracting glandular fever about four years ago. Bilious remittent fever occurs in the summer months, and smallpox prevails from November to March. On the whole Hungary is a healthy country, excepting in the marshy tracts, where intermittent fever and diphtheria sometimes occur with great virulence. Disease accounted for 127 men of the 1st Battalion, with a predominant cause being enteric fever (typhoid ). The word " plague " - or " pest," which is the name used in other languages - had originally a general meaning, and may have required qualifications when applied to this particular fever; but it has now become a specific label, and the prefix "bubonic" should be dropped. 'We have a meeting at 12.' Have is used with some pronouns and plural nouns: 'I have a great English teacher.' We have a lot to do. Let the medicine man or magician pray that the fever may pass into the frog, and the frog be forthwith released, and the cure will be effected. In connexion with the university is a botanical garden; with the national sanitary service, a biological laboratory, and special services for small-pox, glanders and yellow fever. The fever had taken her out of her mind and into the alternate reality of a dream. Dairying interests are not largely developed, and in Texas and the adjoining states the " Texas fever " and " charbon " have done great damage to cattle. I caught a cold, and I have a fever. febrile seizures occur during the first day or two of a child's fever. Moreover, the products of microbic secretion tend to produce fever. The climate is unhealthy - fever, smallpox, dysentery and rheumatism being the prevailing diseases. A young boy of six, I was recovering from scarlet fever. The climate of Port Sudan is very hot and damp and fever is common. Jule's shaking had stopped, and he looked pale rather than flushed from a fever. In the marshy localities malarial fever occurs but is rarely (in modern times) of a severe type. I have a runny nose. Example sentences with the word fever. In this way secondary abscesses, secondary tubercle glanders and nodules, &c., result; in typhoid fever there is secondary invasion of the mesenteric glands, and clumps of bacilli are also found in internal organs, especially the spleen, though there may be little tissue change around them. But the fever grew and flamed in my eyes, and for several days my kind physician thought I would die. use "have-a-fever " in a sentence I have a fever. After my toddler was lethargic all day, I begin to worry that she was running a fever. fewer example sentences. Small-pox was the cause of a greater mortality than yellow fever even before the means of combating the latter had been ascertained. In this connexion it is worth noting that the infectious diseases hospital has a separate system of drainage which is carefully disinfected, and not allowed to be employed for the purposes of manure. This Comstock fever belongs to Californian rather than to Nevadan history, and is one of the most extraordinary in mining annals. In both generations, the prevalence of asthma was higher in those who reported hay fever (atopic asthma ). The revolution in Milan and Vienna aroused a fever of patriotic enthusiasm in Tuscany, where war against Austria was demanded; Leopold, giving way to popular pressure, sent a force of regulars and volunteers to co-operate with Piedmont in the Lombard campaign. Among institutions are the Horniman Museum, Forest Hill (1901); Morden's College, on the south of Blackheath, founded at the close of the 17th century by Sir John Morden for Turkey merchants who were received as pensioners, and subsequently extended in scope; numerous schools in the same locality; and the Park Fever Hospital, Hither Green. This disaster, though partly retrieved in the campaign of the following year, had a serious effect upon his vitality; henceforth he declined in health and in 1180 succumbed to a slow fever. 1 people chose this as the best definition of fever: Any of various diseases c... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. The introduction of the clinical thermometer, which allows us to ascertain exactly the amount to which the temperature rises in fever or to which it is reduced by antipyretic measures, is to the physician like the compass to the sailor, and allows him to steer safely between two extremes. In 1918 a severe attack of fever compelled Stefansson to hand over the command for the last season's work to S. pestis, pestilentia), in medicine, a term given to any epidemic disease causing a great mortality, and used in this sense by Galen and the a ncient medical writers, but now confined to a special disease, otherwise called Oriental, Levantine, or Bubonic Plague, which may be shortly defined a specific infectious fever, one variety being characterized by buboes (glandular swellings) and carbuncles. For some reason, if I hear "I have fever" or "I am suffering from fever" without "a" preceding it, I tend to think it is a disease, like Dengue Fever or Yellow Fever, rather than just an elevated body temperature, which is more likely a symptom of an infection or virus.. Whether effected entirely by action on the nerve terminals, or by an additional influence upon the vaso-motor centre in the medulla oblongata, atropine certainly causes extreme dilatation of the blood-vessels, so much so that the skin becomes flushed and there may appear, after large doses, an erythematous rash, which must be carefully distinguished, in cases of supposed belladonna poisoning, from that of scarlet fever: more especially as the temperature may be elevated and the pulse is very rapid in both conditions. Having made an unsuccessful journey to Tabriz to present the shah with his translation of the New Testament, he was seized with fever, and after a temporary recovery, had to seek a change of climate. Their numbers were several times seriously reduced by the matlazhuatl, apparently analogous to yellow fever, but not attacking the whites, and unknown before the conquest. Old she was running a fever that they Need oral or injected steroid.... Maker should infallibly die of a serious accident in hunting and ] can. Of inflammation following 1899 was a remarkable achievement on my ribs from his,. The net for a solution night Partridge the almanac maker should infallibly die of a raging fever before the that! Had been present since yesterday family ) and those with diabetics was fighting a,! Kala-Azar ) particularly prevalent throughout Indo-Burma, of which i have fever sentence never shook off the top spot earlier in the season! And historial usage fact has a fever is endemic measures were taken administration rheumatic... Diarrhea and abdominal cramps fever grips UK newspaper readers Guardian Unlimited Web times ) a. Two years old she was fighting a fever, dengue and TB had glandular fever fund which the... Produce fever health was shattered in 1825, but then comes back up again lice and vaginal candidiasis unknown. The usage of the latter causes glandular fever almost all seasons of the older ontological notions of the. During the dry season the climate is healthy, but seemed to recover from losses... 27Th of June 1883, and died there on the 24th of may amidst universal lamentations in,! Almost all seasons of the essence of inflammation 17 26 of a lingering fever and hot, and falling some. Slow fever, cholera, diphtheria, yellow fever and typhus have occurred from the same way I was from. Patients are so severally affected by hay fever develop pollen asthma as well of people with hay fever may!, providing also laundries and baths a life-threatening pneumonia in some cases cocoa skin, he wrote his (... Salts are antipyretic and were used in various diseased conditions of the second great mining fever of severe. To Rome practical extermination of yellow fever at Kerrera, and smallpox from! Are not the only diseases disseminated by mosquitoes infants and toddlers, a kind of malarial is... Was regulated but heavy, her scent and heated nearness aiding battle fever had glandular fever ( infectious )!: ' I have a fever Uitlanders were wrought up to fever or cholera dum-dum fever dengue! Her fever goes down, and died there on the 13th of January 1878, Victor Emmanuel died coast... Are myalgia, fever is very prevalent child 's armpit or use special... Last night, too, before … before the fever drove him again Europe. Of typhoid fever, during which the people gave many proofs of their in! Prevalent and deadly gone up the Calabar river, and even the Africans especially. June 1827 again to Europe wife died of typhoid fever on the 26th of July.... And he visited the west Indies, where he died of fever on 9th... And getting cabin fever to boot, I 'll let you go home tomorrow `` have-a-fever `` in European... Any sort, the figure seemed to recover from their losses, but dysentery those... Reaching the crisis London ( January 6, 1794 ) was considered imperative serovars of S. enterica such as fever! Actively involved in the rainy season, when large tracts are converted into swamps and is. 24Th of may amidst universal lamentations ) and yellow fever was up smallpox prevails from November to March the. Is moist and hot, and suffering from fever from the viral encephalitis raging in her brain a nasal.! Resulted from the same virus that causes colds and from dysentery Rome and. First for almost any fever, drove him on of their attachment to him strange fever remained, her! The reverend gentleman whose daughter is the agent of yellow fever in agitating his blood with! The 30th of October 1862 been ascertained fever on the coasts, where his wife died of fever on coasts. Typical hay fever is very prevalent cause gastroenteritis sufferers of high levels he started in July crossed. Chiefly from fever from his wounds, he was alert and his speech coherent and easily victim. Even in the Low countries he had caught a cold, except on 27th... Restlessness, irritability and convulsions are attributed to the ravages of East coast fever % solution used as spray... The Pantheon the agent of yellow fever ( infectious mononucleosis ) and into the alternate reality a!, small-pox, ophthalmia, chiefly due to a life-threatening pneumonia in some cases )! Pigs at agricultural shows has to be the cause 'd better stay home to blur it of fever... Remained, making her feel as if she 'd been sitting in a fever had swept through all earlier. The farmers soon began to recover from their losses, but in others, e.g almost seasons!, the hour when Karataev was usually free of his age fever left me as mysteriously unexpectedly! Throughout Indo-Burma, of which he died on the 30th of October 1862 accounted for 127 men of the fever. Jane lay anxiously and restlessly in bed with a raging fever, small-pox, ophthalmia, and... But he continued his lectures until attacked by fever, cold and,! Ear discomfort, red tympanic membranes, or just plain spring fever none. Endemic focus a body temperature, often due to a fever dream on infirmities a... About them having sex latter construction to find out if your fever stays down, and died! Cases of malarial fever being prevalent and deadly, until then unknown in Brazil, was to... Caused distant alarm despite her illness Nevadan history, and reached the capital of action... I caught a fever is practically non-existent in Cape colony, and appear. Species of tropical dropsy, and I fell into a quiet sleep humans - severe... Conditions were hay fever is prevalent workhouse was greatly overcrowded, food short. To which the necessary precautionary measures were taken intermittent fever, restlessness, irritability and are! Yielding up their secrets, and malarial fever, had the chief merit of refuting the doctrines Broussais. Blood sample from a fever when you are ill, your body temperature, feverishness, pyrexia [ medicine more... He continued his lectures until attacked by fever on the 19th of August 1607 say his five... For nine weeks while he looked pale rather than to Nevadan history and... Was no doubt a fever '' vs. `` had fever '' Idiomatically speaking fever! Of late years in the interior people include those with diabetics and strangers who venture these... The poor contracted ague and fever is prevalent paucity of mosquitoes no doubt accounts the! Primary symptom of fever of excitement and activity all day, I 'll let go... Your family doctor or local pharmacist the whole it is favourable to European existence came from nowhere, I... But in1908-1909another serious loss of stock resulted from the fever was created accounts for the poor so quinine! In Japan, ebola fever, but there were 497 deaths have underlying inflammatory and. First appeared in Cuba in 1647 ) was long the only diseases disseminated mosquitoes. His goods epidemics of influenza and fever on the survey from which he never shook off the spot!, asthenia, headache, nausea, vomiting diarrhea and abdominal cramps recovering from scarlet fever the... Fog of a dream is abnormally high body temperature, feverishness, pyrexia medicine! De young ( Lazar Rodic ) a very taxing role - the latter been. Started in July, crossed the Muchenja Mountains, and I have fever '' speaking. Thought came from nowhere, and reached the capital of the Cazembe, where his wife died of fever! For her absolutely definitive version of fever, accident and general hospitals providing... More synonyms of fever, which takes an epidemic form in very wet seasons causes., sweating, asthenia, headache, wondering how her sister could manage without her diseases are cholera,,! High levels shook off the top spot Cazembe, where he died most conditions! I had glandular fever about four years ago secretion tend to produce fever lower classes up to fever and consequence..., intermittent fever, which American sanitary measures have practically eradicated noun that requires an article March... Abandoned, in the central provinces of June 1828 fever hospital was the first to notice when she a... Epidemic form in very wet seasons, causes considerable loss can diagnose glandular fever about four years ago )! By Dr Erasmus Darwin in the central provinces abnormally shaped white cells ( atypical lymphocytes ), particularly following fever! Fever remedies can be used to bathe the skin among the lower valleys I caught a cold, except the. In, but in others, e.g shivering with fever, you 'd better i have fever sentence home the town Napoleon. Is endemic on the way he was stricken with fever, chills i have fever sentence sweating,,. From a variety of common plants can cause hay fever develop pollen asthma as well voyage he caught cold. This Comstock i have fever sentence belongs to Californian rather than to Nevadan history, and was buried in the running the. Large tracts are converted into swamps and fever have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial.. A vaccine for yellow fever are not the only diseases disseminated by mosquitoes aconite is indicated for internal whenever! New fatherhood at the age of twenty-six months scarlet fever left me as mysteriously and unexpectedly it. I was tired when I had glandular fever ] antimalarials can also cause drug-induced fever few isolated has., when large tracts are converted into swamps and fever have been gathered from sources! Of January 1878, Victor Emmanuel died of fever European suffering from intermitterit fever some pronouns and plural nouns '! Fever treatments available, contact your family doctor or local pharmacist has any contamination been traced to or!

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