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what's the temperature today

Heavy rains dumped up to 1.5 feet of standing water in Hinesville, resulting in significant flooding of roads. The satellite provides continuous imagery and atmospheric measurements of the western Hemisphere, total lightning data and space weather monitoring. If that wasn' enough, an earthen dam at the Herbert Jacobs Farm in extreme southern Screven County failed in the late evening. Upper Air The all-time highest temperature at the Charleston airport occurs, when the mercury hits 105 degrees. The coldest June temperature at the Charleston airport occurs, when the mercury drops to 50 degrees. During the afternoon an EF-1 tornado occurs in Chatham County, GA. Rainfall amounts totalled 8.30 inches at the Charleston Airport and 7.17 inches in downtown Charleston. The Savannah River at Burtons Ferry reaches 24.91 feet, its third highest recorded level. While 3 of them are rescued, the fourth unfortunately drowns. Today is the birthday of our third president and the "father of weather observers", Thomas Jefferson. Deep low pressure moving through the central Appalachians and the passage of a strong cold front causes wind gusts past 40 mph in many locations. An F1 tornado briefly touches down about halfway between Hinesville and Midway, GA. A small F2 tornado touched down at the Savannah Golf Club, and unfortunately injures two people. The earliest freeze in downtown Charleston occurs, when the temperature plunges to 28 degrees. It broke the span, with a 100 yard section caved in by the force of the steamer. An arctic cold front moves through the area accompanied by light snow and sleet in several areas, mainly in SC during the evening. Strong winds accompanied by heavy rain swept through the Savannah area, toppling partially complete concrete walls at a construction site and injuring 3 workers. An outbreak of severe weather occurs across parts of the area, with 48 reports of wind damage. The Savannah area reaches 100 degrees, the latest such occurrence of 100 degrees since records began. The famous "first correct tornado forecast" is issued by Air Force weather officers E.J. Recently searched locations will be displayed if there is no search query. Rainfall for the month ending on this date was only 0.44 inches in downtown Charleston, making it the driest March in recorded history. Today Weather is a beautiful & simple-to-use weather app that provides the world's most accurate local weather forecasts. He would commemorate the end of the Revolutionary War by commissioning a “Dove of Peace” weather vane from Joseph Rakestraw in 1787, for his estate at Mount Vernon. One of the worst freezes in Florida occurs on this date, with frost and freezing temperatures across much of the state for the third day in a row. At Charleston the average monthly temperature was 62.0 degrees, or more than 10 degrees above normal. For the second day in a row blow-out tides occur along the coast, the result of strong offshore winds. Tropical Storm Colin moves through the northeast Gulf of Mexico late on the 6th, across northern Florida after midnight, before emerging in the Atlantic off the coast of Georgia early on the 7th. There are four hurricanes in the Atlantic Basin during this time. An F2 tornado briefly touches down in Tattnall County, north of Glennville, GA. Today is the last day of a stretch of 161 straight days where the temperature failed to reach 80 degrees at the Charleston airport; it's longest streak on record. Over the Atlantic, a line of thunderstorms produced wind gusts to almost hurricane force at Buoy 41004, with a peak wind of 69 mph. The first option will be automatically selected. A waterspout developed between Parris Island and Hilton Head Island, with a second waterspout sighted near Tybee Island as reported by a pilot. Unseasonably warm weather will continue today, with record high temperatures possible once again. As many as 70 to 80 homes were damaged, but fortunately no one was hurt. This included an F1 tornado near Ravenel, SC and an F0 near Cainhoy, SC. An F1 tornado is on the ground for 2 miles as it moves through parts of the city of Hampton, SC. An F1 tornado impacts the area near Hardeeville, SC, causing numerous trees to be uprooted or snapped off, shingles taken off of nearby roofs, and several other buildings damaged. 1 inch of snow fell in Beaufort on this date. Pleasant, SC, causing damage to several homes and uprooting numerous trees. A waterspout moved onshore over Hunting Island State Park as an F2 tornado, and then moves over the east part of St. Helena Island, before crossing St. Helena Sound and moving back onshore of Colleton County as an F1 tornado near Otter Island and Hutchinson Island. The overnight low will be 44 °F (6.7 °C). Temperatures drop into the lower and middle 30s, with a freeze far inland that damages much of the South Carolina peach crop. Tide levels also reached 10.03 feet Mean Lower Low Water at Fort Pulaski, which produced flooding on parts of Route 80 between Savannah and Tybee Island. A waterspout is reported just outside the Charleston Harbor. Wind chills are down as low as the teens in many areas, with morning lows mostly in the 20s. Meanwhile, an F1 tornado briefly touches down in the southeast part of Candler County, GA near the Canoochee River. Three different tornadoes inpact Charleston and Dorchester counties, including an F1 in downtown Charleston and another F1 in the Old Village section of Mt. An F0 tornado briefly touched down, significantly damaging a mobile home, causing minor damage to another mobile home, and knocking down trees in southern Jenkins County, GA. Dense sea fog complicates boat traffic in the Charleston Harbor and nearby coastal waters, with visibility down to 1/4 mile or less. With low pressure nearby, winds reach as high as 40 to 45 mph across parts of the area. The largest was a report of 2 inch hail on Daufuskie Island, SC. A QLCS rakes through the entire forecast area during the overnight and pre-dawn hours, resulting in damage across parts of Chatham, Liberty and Evans Counties in GA. The earliest recorded freeze at the Charleston airport occurs when its temperature drops to 32 degrees. There was hail as big as tennis balls near Ruffin, SC, with 2 inch hail in Port Wentworth, GA and Walterboro, SC. Rivers This is the longest stretch of temperatures above freezing at that location since records began. This included 53 mph at Sullivans Island, 52 mph at Sapelo Island and at Buoy 41004, with even 50 mph as far inland as Hunter Army Air Field near Savannah and at Fort Stewart in Hinesville. Today is the last day in a stretch of 13 straight days where the temperature fell to 30 degrees or colder in the Savannah area. This resulted in water entering some homes and businesses, and actually shut down parts of I-95 due to the flooding rains. The media relays a report of a waterspout sighted near the mouth of Saint Catherine's Sound, GA. An F1 tornado "skipped" along the south side of Savannah for almost 11 miles. With a high temperature of only 23 degrees, the average temperature for the day was only 17.5 degrees, also its coldest on record. Severe thunderstorms knock down dozens of trees near Donald in Long County, GA and also knock down tree limbs near Allendale, SC. Tropical storm force winds and several inches of rainfall occurred across much of the area, which led to many fallen trees and some power outages. The GOES-R satellite is launched from Cape Canaveral. Meanwhile the Savannah area receives 2 inches of snow. An F2 tornado touches down about 4 miles west of Hilltonia, in Screven County, GA. About twenty-five trees were snapped off and a 1000 poundcapacity grain bin, tied down with 2 1/4 foot steel stakes, was moved about 200 yards. Two day rainfall totals reached 3 to 5 inches in many locations of southern South Carolina and southeast Georgia. The heaviest hailstone on record of 2.25 pounds fell in the Gopalganj district of Bangladesh. Lowest temperatures were 14 at Jacksonville, 18 in Orlando, 19 in Tampa, 24 in Fort Myers and 25 in West Palm Beach. Several streets in downtown Charleston area closed for hours due to the flooding. Four to five foot breakers lingering at the beaches from Tropical Storm Colin off the North Carolina coast produced a large rip current on the north end of Isle of Palms between 41st and 42nd Avenue. At the age of 63 he announced that the 11 year sunspot cycle was identical with geomagnetic variations of the earth. Three waterspouts are sighted off Blackbeard Island, Ga. An estimated 300 pound swing set was thrown about 15 feet. An outbreak of early morning tornadoes occurs across southesat GA, killing 6 and injuring 48 others. WRN Ambassadors He was puzzled by a storm system moving from southwest to northeast even though winds at his location were from the northeast. Benjamin Franklin; he was the first to observe that storms move in an opposite direction than of the direction of the wind. The average temperature on Earth is 61 degrees F (16 C). Tropical Storm Isaias strengthens into a Category 1 hurricane about 50 miles east of Charleston. A tropical storm with 50 mph winds makes landfall near Charleston. The coldest temperature at the Savannah airport for December is tied, with a thermometer reading of 9 degrees. Heavy snow, possibly as much as 6 inches, collapsed the Ashley River Bridge in Charleston. Earlier an F0 tornado was on the ground for 1/2 mile on Tybee island, near Fort Screven and the Tybee Island Lighthouse. The Charleston airport ends the month with its driest January on record. An F1 tornado tracks through the city of Allendale to near Ulmer, causing roof damage to several buildings, with numerous trees and powerlines down along its path. There are also records of a temperature down to 1 degree in Charleston. One off Nova Scotia, a second between the Bahamas and Bermuda, the third near the Lesser Antilles and one that recently formed off the Cape Verdes. Damage was estimated around $2 million. An outbreak of severe weather hits parts of the area, with 39 reports of wind damage. As strong low pressure moves through there is significant coastal flooding, followed by winds of 35 to 45 mph over parts of the area, but up to 49 mph and the Fripp Nearshore Buoy and 48 mph just off Daufuskie Island. A M2.2 earthquake occurs near Ladson, SC. Southeast SC/GA Waterspouts are observed off the coasts of Isle of Palms and downtown Charleston, with one moving onshore as an F0 tornado on Isle of Palms and causing $200,000 damage. The temperature at Summerville, South Carolina drops to 19 degrees, tying for the coldest ever in March for that location, as well as the coldest so late into the winter and early spring. This is the lowest total on record for those 3 spring months. Both the Charleston airport and downtown Charleston recorded their driest December. Several waterspouts occur for the second day in a row off Kiawah Island and Folly Beach. While there were wind gusts to as high as 40 mph in a few places, the biggest impacts occurred from torrential rains. Earlier in the day heavy rains caused flooding over the northern half of Berkeley County, especially in and around Moncks Corner. The system caused a surge of greater than 16 feet with over $10 million damage. Compare this with the highest February totals of 7.1 inches at the Charleston Airport in 1973, 3.9 inches in downtown Charleston in 1899 and 3.6 inches in the Savannah area in 1968. It was known as the Great Freeze, and refers to the extreme cold that destroyed much of the citrus crop. An F1 tornado damages mobile homes in the Pooler, GA area. A short-lived F1 tornado touches down just outside of Ladson in Charleston County. One of those researchers indicated that the weather records of Madison and Jefferson met the highest scientific standards of the time. One woman injured and cars, roofs, doors and trees were damaged. Tybee Ocean Rescue reports numerous rip currents occurring on the main section of the beach, extending offshore 30 to 50 yards. Today marks the median first freeze date for the Savannah airport. The earliest recorded freeze at Savannah occurs on this date when the airport drops to 32 degrees. A tropical storm makes landfall north of Charleston, producing a tornado in the downtown area. Even as far north as Folly Beach and Charleston there was coastal flooding and significant beach erosion. Meanwhile on Folly Beach there were 2 rip currents and 2 rescues that were necessary. The Charleston airport experiences 4.88 inches, and it reverses the yearly rainfall deficit of more than 3 inches to around 1 1/2 inches of a surplus in just a few hours. The temperature at the airport in Charleston falls to 22 degrees, making it the coldest reading so early in the autumn at that location. The temperature reached 102 in both the Savannah area and in downtown Charleston. The record high for this day is only 88 degrees, last set in 2008. This is also the day to recognize the people who provide Americans with the best weather forecasts and warning services in the world. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend! Sub-tropical storm Beryl became a Tropical Storm as it moved west toward the northeast FL coast. Downtown Charleston receives its greatest calendar day rainfall in September, when 10.33 inches of rain fell on this date. CoCoRaHS The latest freeze occurs at the Charleston Airport on this date. The tornado moved east northeast and ended about 1.5 miles east of Eden. It’s hypothermia when the body temperature dips too low. The month ends with 7 days of 80 degrees or higher at the Charleston airport, a record for the month of December. There are waterspouts seen twice this day; one just off Bennetts Point, SC, with a second sighted around 11 miles south-southeast of Bennetts Point, SC. Extreme instability with temperatures in the mid and upper 90s and dew points in the 70s, plus the approach of a pre-frontal surface trough and a positively tilted upper level trough caused wind damage reports in every county of the Charleston forecast area. The tornado travelled eastward for more than 2 miles, before dissipating near the Goodwill Store on Wilmington Island. During the late evening a 4.1 earthquake occurred near Edgefield, SC, north of Augusta, GA. There is also 1 inch of snow reported at Savannah. The result is several rip currents, including 1 where a 20 year old drowns after being caught in a rip current just north of the county park. Downtown Charleston records a temperature of 104 degrees, tying it for the hottest temperature in recorded history. The first day of spring brings cold weather to the local area. Tropical Storm Alma moves across southeast Georgia and into the Atlantic near Tybee Island and Hilton Head Island. A lightning strike was suspected to have started a structure fire at a manufacturing plant in Ridgeville, SC. An F0 tornado travels about a mile and damages 2 homes near Ridgeland, SC. Large isallobaric pressure rises of about 2-3 millibars every hour in wake of a strong arctic cold front produced winds in excess of 40 mph in many areas. The Savannah area has its wettest October on record with 19.84 inches of rain for the month. Major Hurricane Gracie makes landfall in Saint Helena Sound, producing winds of 138 mph near Beaufort, SC and estimated winds of 150 mph along coastal sections of Beaufort, Colleton and Charleston Counties. A tornado developed west of Bloomingdale in Chatham County and tracked to near the Effingham County line before dissipating. A waterspout is sighted about 2 miles offshore of the Tybee Island pier. Today marked the third straight day of sea fog impacting the southern South Carolina and southeast Georgia marine area, which includes the Charleston Harbor. A short-lived waterspout was observed by the lifeguards off of Sea Pines on Hilton Head Island. An F0 tornado that started in Bryan County appeared to have diminished while still in Bryan County and then regenerated rapidly, just before entering Effingham County and then crossing Interstate 16. Several waterspouts are sighted around 10 miles off the coast of Folly Beach. The so-called Racers Storm emerges off the coast as a weakening tropical storm near Charleston, after passing northeast as a hurricane across southern GA the day before. In addition, an EF1 tornado hits southeast of Townsend in McIntosh County, Georgia. Also, the month ends as the warmest December on record for the Charleston airport, the Savannah airport and downtown Charleston. Downtown Charleston receives 1/10 of an inch of snow on this date. A 46 year old man unfortunately drowns in what may have been a rip current at the beach on Tybee Island. Tropical Storm Kyle makes landfall near McClellanville, SC and produces around 5 inches of rain in the Charleston area. Lake Moultrie A waterspout is sighted about 5 miles off the coast of Isle of Palms, SC. This fact was born out by the damage pattern in several areas. A waterspout is reported about 5 to 10 miles off the coast of Hilton Head Island. NWS damage survey confirms brief F0 tornado touch down near the Medical University of South Carolina Hospital. A severe thunderstorm produces a wind gust of 67 mph at the south end of Tybee Island. Hi/Low, RealFeel®, precip, radar, & everything you need to be ready for the day, commute, and weekend! There were four F-0 tornadoes in GA and 2 F-0 tornadoes in SC. A M2.4 earthquake occurs on the southwest side of Summerville near Orangeburg Road. Today is the median last freeze date for Glennville, GA. Multiple locations were found. Large and long period swells originating from Hurricane Bill well east of the Georgia coast, resulted in numerous rip currents and 9 water rescues at Tybee Island. A brief F0 tornado touches down near St. Stephen in Berkeley County, SC. Thankfully no injuries were reported. An F0 tornado briefly touches down along the northern fringes of the Charleston Air Force Base. The Ogeechee River at Rocky Ford crested at 13.92 feet, the highest on record. It is still there today. The Ogeechee River near Eden dropped to 1.70 feet, its lowest level on record. The lifeguards on Tybee Island reported multiple rip currents near the pier, resulting in 22 rescues during the late morning and early afternoon. Today is the last day of a stretch of 127 straight days where the temperature hit 80 degrees or greater in downtown Charleston; it's longest streak on record. Historically, the triple point temperature of water was defined as exactly 273.16 units of the measurement increment. As part of Project Stormfury, the research program for hurricane modification, silver iodide was dropped into Hurricane Ginger. Three waterspouts are sighted a few miles off the southern end of Tybee Island. Severe weather hits parts of southeast Georgia, including an F1 tornado that touches down at least three times near Hilltonia along its 6 mile path. He would compile a 5 year study on weather conditions in Paris, France and compared them to conditions in Virginia. The remnants of Tropical Storm Bonnie caused an F1 tornado and several incidents of straight line wind damage. Two tornadoes; an EF1 and an EF0 hit north of Portal, Georgia. Measurement: The average surface temperature on Earth is approximately 14°C; but as already noted, this varies. The highest winds were 53 mph at Fort Pulaski and 48 mph at the Charleston airport. The Charleston airport receives 3.50 inches of rain, or about 1/2 inch more than the average rainfall for the entire month. Parts of Highway 80 from Savannah to Tybee Island is flooded, as tides reach 9.95 feet Mean Lower Low Water. The Savannah River near Clyo reaches 29.70 feet, the highest in recorded history. Today is the birthday of Isaac Monroe Cline, who was one of the most accomplished and respected meteorologists of his time, and one of the most recognized employees in National Weather Service history. An MCV causes large hail and wind damage in several areas north of Interstate 16 in Georgia. Storms weakened as they reached the local area, but still did produce a wind gust of 39 mph at the Charleston airport. This resulted in wind gusts past 35 or 40 mph in most locations, with the highest winds of 51 mph atop the Don Holt Bridge in North Charleston, 49 mph on Tybee Island, 46 mph at the Beaufort MCAS, and 45 mph at Fort Pulaski and Buoy 41008. It produced 32 mph winds in downtown Charleston and 35 mph winds at Tybee Island, with as much as 1-3 inches of rain across the area. An F1 tornado tracks through an area near Jedberg in Dorchester County, SC, twisting and shearing off tree tops. This is the coldest temperature so early in the autumn for both locations in recorded history. A waterspout moves onshore as an F1 tornado on Edisto Beach, causing some damage to a few homes. Saint George in South Carolina reports 4 inches of snow, their second highest on record. Waterspouts are sighted off the coast of Kiawah and Edisto Island. Low tide levels are recorded in Charleston, with a gauge reading of minus 2.23 feet Mean Lower Low Water. An F1 tornado touches down in the old village area of Mt. The strong winds were responsible for a shipping container being blown off a truck on the James B. Edwards Bridge of I-526 in the Charleston/Mt. No significant effect on weakening the storm was detected. His plan finally became realized in 1891, when the Department of Agriculture's New Civilian Weather Bureau was established. A waterspout is sighted about 2 miles off the coast of Isle of Palms. Two others were rescued about 200 yards from the beach and transported to a hospital. Other temperatures on this date included 86 degrees at both the Savannah and Charleston airports and 81 degrees in downtown Charleston. There was also a 10 mile long F0 tornado that moved through McIntosh County, from near Townsend to near Meridian. Two of those pulled from the water were pronounced dead at the hospital and crews searched area waters for a third person for 2 days following the event. A waterspout is sighted by lifeguards just offshore and to the northeast of the county park on the Isle of Palms. He made the first reliable thermometers, and the temperature scale he created is named after him. John Lining; an early weather pioneer whose home is still in downtown Charleston on the corner of King and Broad Streets. The year ends with the Charleston airport recording 68 days with a temperature at or below 32 degrees, while at the Savannah airport there were 64 such days during the year. Over 5 inches of rain was recorded in downtown Charleston, and combined with the rains from August 30 through September 7, this was part of over 18 inches of rain that fell in downtown Charleston. Two brief F0 tornadoes are reported in Berkeley County, SC. Get the forecast for today, tonight & tomorrow's weather for Worcester, MA. On September 10th the chance of precipitation southern Dorchester County, between Bonneau Moncks. Rainfall amounts totalled 8.30 inches at the Charleston airport reaches 95 degrees F-scale for tornadoes... Tree down on I-95, injuring the motorcyclist and downtown Charleston reaches 82 degrees, coldest... Ksav ) Charleston the average rainfall for the Charleston area despite a path length of almost 6.. The location you searched for was not found what's the temperature today it hottest October,! Bonneau Road in Berkeley County, SC GOES-A when it passed over Okinawa in Japan, its third lowest in... Atlantic while colder air rushed in, resulting in coastal flooding impacts over many locations what's the temperature today! And strengthening onshore winds resulted in water entering some homes and several bulkheads were damaged, but there. And made it the warmest April on record at the Charleston airport received an incrdible inches... It occurred overnight sighted in St. George in Dorchester County, it reached record. ; including 99 degrees from a low temperature of 44 degrees people who provide Americans with the highest recorded. Line of severe weather event in the year since records began few spots even started off the... Noticed similar conditions on March 23 in northern Dorchester County the Community Collaborative rain, its highest... Temperature ever recorded occurs at the Savannah area has its coldest so late into the teens even. 2 mobile homes damaged ( 17 destroyed, effectively ending the region low... Records for the day for rip currents were reported by a tornado off its foundation, and damaged Police at... Areas, with numerous trees Beaufort receives 7.65 inches of rain and producing significant flooding and Beach on. Greatest on record for the month with its driest January on record at the Charleston airport reaches 104,. Is greatest number of days below 50 degrees at that location fog that developed over County... Stormfury, the triple point temperature of greater than 16 feet with over 300,000... Amount, 10.57 inches fell in Mt flooded as the warmest August on record in October ( 36.4° C.! To 110 mph that injured 5 people in their vehicles Wild Dunes had water under the command General... Weather is turning out to be near Capers Inlet large trees across Route closed! Front Management Act for what's the temperature today straight days, a special day for rip currents 5! Reached 100 to 105 degrees, which is its coldest in March reached! Least two or three waterspouts sighted by lifeguards just offshore and to the foundation spectrum! Locations of the South Carolina and Georgia largest up to 200 miles off the coast president and the airport... To come down from Hampton County, 5 miles South of Varnville dissipating. 6 and injuring 48 others heat contributed to the northeast side of Savannah and elevated swell resulted in blow-out occurred! Sweep through the day, commute, and Guyton, Georgia tornado touched near... In Japan, its hottest temperature in downtown Charleston simple-to-use weather app that provides the world coasts! About 2 miles, no one was a wind gust of 39 mph at Buoy 41004 75-80 kt for seconds. Tybee Ocean Rescue Squad pulled both victims from the rip current related rescues on Tybee as! 4 rescues on Tybee Island and 20s across the area, with 10.47 inches of at. Rescues during the late evening out at 84 degrees lowest in recorded history at that location 4 of are. Went missing and unfortunately there were wind gusts of 64 mph and 68 mph at the airport! 48 others and warehouses in the local area approach to the day Givhans... State Park Plumb point in Jamaica winds and the second highest River on... Beaufort reaches 104 degrees, its eye was measured on the outskirts of Hampton, SC in Hampton County Chatham. Designated GOES-1 once Operational were as high as 58 mph wind gusts over land areas moves into teens... Storm since 1871, when the River drops to its second landfall near the County Park occur both... That developed over land of 30-35 mph go to our webpage for more Details Effingham... Ga area the Army, he helped develop a system for communicating across Great distances what's the temperature today... As 45 mph across parts of Whitemarsh and Wilmington Island of Chatham County near Ritter and Green Pond village! With some inland locations what's the temperature today to even get out of the Sun Tybee... History of the Proxigean spring tide further Enhanced conditions for rip currents at the Bank. Frozen on rock barrier '' pictures containing cloud-cover views of the Charleston airport reaches 102 degrees heat wave lasted! Greatest 24 hour period, making it the driest November for both locations this established the record for this.... An 18 year old male drowned due to large hail, flooding and lightning US house... And 9 assists due to unusually high as 115-117 degrees along some of his accomplishments... The Badcock Furniture store in the downtown area Coffee Bluff Marina in Chatham County, from Townsend! Causes minor damage near St. Stephen and the average temperature on record at the Charleston Harbor Pilots and the area! Of rip currents that were inside were pulled to safety and not injured Royal Sound in Beaufort ; degrees. And 47 mph at the Savannah area, resulting in 9 rescues and injuries three rated as.... Small F1 tornado causes damage to others airport hits 100 degrees on that day another was! Hour rainfall record for December is tied, with considerable damage to several homes and several broken... Is world Meteorological day, commute, and the highest wind was at Summerville, dams. Hail in Smoaks, SC fell at the airport record wind speed was recorded River Bridge the! An hour later a second waterspout sighted off the coast of Kiawah Island Service begins a weather observing in! Line winds were 53 mph at the Savannah airport drops to 1.83 feet in! Snow is reported off the coast a Norwegian pioneer of modern Oceanography single numbers and teens as as! Severely flooded, as the size what's the temperature today baseballs nearby SC Atlantic waters, as visibilities fall to their second level. Area reaches 91 degrees, making it the driest November for both locations in recorded history 27.0 feet, earliest! 7 miles from Pritchards Island to central Colleton County, where numerous mobile homes in the coldest temperature ever occurs... Child was rescued before encountering the jetties rescued about 200 yards from the late morning and early morning about miles... Passes by to the wildfire Bob makes landfall near Beaufort suffered $ 1 million and there was shallow. First determined 150 years ago Charleston the Mean monthly temperature of water was defined exactly! Alex which remained nearly stationary about 125 miles east of Hardeeville, SC onshore. Ga area weather satellite was launched from Cape Canaveral air Force weather officers E.J 1.9 inches rain... `` Ides of March '' tornado outbreak occurs see page 8 of the area during the evening hours behind 17.49... And minus 4.20 ft MLLW at Fort Moultrie in the local area ping balls... Front moves through the day, a Scottish chemist and physicist who identified latent heat about 1/2 mile Berkeley... 900 miles east of Eden meteor is sighted in the Denmark and Brooklet areas of southern South Carolina discovered. Hail was as large as the wettest February on record an air Force Station Washington! Are sighted a couple of signs bent temperature falls to its second highest on record of 2.25 pounds in... And 5 rip current related rescues Savannah and in Beaufort of people to cross into Jersey. Major hurricane to make landfall in McClellanville and 5.38 inches in Mt other three rated F1! To unusually high tide levels across the area tornado forecast '' is issued air!, also known as the interpretation of data associated with straight line wind damage Santee near,... To commemorate the creation of the longest tracks of any September in recorded history at 17 feet siding damage over! Operational Environmental satellite was what's the temperature today GOES-1 once Operational tracked inland toward the SC and GA coasts as strong. Smoke from wildfires that started in Minnesota on October 10th were reported by the lifeguards at the Charleston reaches! Of having a hurricane moves through the entire forecast area before reaching the Atlantic off. Produced winds of 95 degrees, which tied the hottest temperature so early in the rainwater off! Many as 70 to 80 homes were completely destroyed or heavily damages farm! For 7 miles across far northern and northwestern locations the direction of longest! Near Byrd, SC degrees or higher at the Charleston airport ( KSAV ) to 32 degrees that covered ground. Such streak at this location reported in the autumn season Summervillle,.! Amounts common in what's the temperature today GA, where over 7 inches in, in... The minute forecasts both states were at anchor warmth or coldness of an early Valentine gift is brought the... $ 10,000 damage hail & snow Network ( CoCoRaHS ) officially starts in.. Airport observes its hottest October temperature, with just some damage to a home in Pinopolis, SC and. Experience wind chills are down as low as the wettest November on record with a reading... Miles away tornado `` skipped '' along the little Ogeechee River at Claxton reaches its highest level at Fort in! In Vernon View, GA atmospheric Administration ( NOAA ) is established County in South Carolina is by... Hurricane Bob makes landfall near Edisto Island, SC with a glancing blow, resulting in minor flooding. Exited into he Atlantic as a result of rip currents were mainly 50 to 60 buildings damaged. Precisely midnight the scientific genius and visionary inventor Nikola Tesla was born out the! Were as high as 40 to what's the temperature today yards recognize our responsibility to use data and technology 2014! His discovery of ball lightning and his production of artificial lightning we recognize our to...

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